Epoxi Primer


For use on gelcoat/plastic, steel, aluminum, sterndrives and propeller. Has a very high resistance to moisture, oils and chemicals.

New boat: Wash with  Boat Cleaner, rinse thoroughly with water and let dry. Sand with 60-80-paper and wipe off the dust.

Previously painted boat: Remove all old hull paint, primer in good condition is sanded (grit 60-80) primer in poor condition is removed. Wash with our Boat Cleaner and rinse well with water, let dry (preferably from autumn to spring). Level out any unevenness and defects with our Epoxi Filler.

Iron and Steel: blast or sand the surface with rough paper (must not be sanded smooth), cover the surface immediately with 1 layer Epoxy Primer thinned to 20%. Paint another 1-3 layers, then putty any imperfections and defects.

Treatment of osmosis: Remove all old paints/primer and open any blisters, rinse with fresh water daily during the first few weeks. Let the hull laminate dry! Surfaces where the gelcoat has been removed are treated with our Epoxy Filler. Paint 4-6 layers of epoxy primer before applying the antifouling.


1 part hardener to 4 parts base, mix thoroughly. Potlife at + 20 ° C is about 8 hours.


Roller (felt, mohair), small diameter (about 10 x 2 cm).

When spraying, dilute about 20%, the last layer is thinned to 30% for smoothest result. We recommend using protective gloves, also masks when sanding antifouling. Painting should be done in dry weather with a surface temperature exceeding + 5 ° C. Does not cure below + 5 ° C. Apply a minimum of 4 layers (200my) when building a moisture barrier.


1 part hardener to 4 parts base, mix thoroughly. Potlife at +20°C is about 8h.

At least 24h
At least 24h
Recoating of antifouling on primer
Max 4 days without sanding
Max 3 days without sanding


Product specifications

Volume: 3 L 750 ml 375 ml
Color: White Black
Range: 750 ml = 8 sq.m 3 L = 32 sq. m. (Creates a 50 my dry paint film per layer)
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