Nano Polish cleans, polishes and protects gelcoat and painted surfaces, all in one step!

Lefant NanoPolish is a highly efficient multi-step product that provides high gloss and superior results. Lefant NanoPolish is very easy to work with and provides a lasting effect in a short time.


NanoPolish contains a gentle abrasive to bring the gelcoat back to its original luster, and polymers that provides a gleaming finish with long-lasting protection. Thanks to nano-technology the product is even easier to work with and gives an extremely hard surface. Equipped with push-pull cap for easy and smooth application.


Clean the surface with Boat Cleaner, rinse thoroughly with water. Dull, scratched and oxidized surfaces are first treated with Rubbing, discolored surfaces such as streaks at water line and rust stains are first treated with Gelcoat Cleaner. Shake the bottle, apply NanoPolish with lightly moist a cloth, apply on a surface of about 0.5 square meters, polish with light pressure until the product begins to dry up. When the product is hardened, polish surface with a dry cloth/polishing cloth. Curing takes about 5-15 minutes. Continue this procedure until the boat is fully treated. Finish with Wax for extra shine and luster! Polishing machines can be used, maximum 2100 rpm. We recommend using protective gloves.


Product specifications

Volume: 0,5 L
Range: Approximately a 35-foot hull surface 3050
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