T- Coat


T- Coat is a two-component epoxy based hull protection paint. The paint creates a hard, glossy and slippery surface that is easy to keep clean and makes it difficult for fouling to adhere. T- Coat contains no biocides and is recommended as base surface for mechanical cleaning options such as hull washing systems and exfoliating sponges. At the same time, the paint gives an effective protection against moisture intrusion in the hull. These properties comes in one paint. T- Coat is a new and environmentally friendly way to treat your hull.


Brush, Roller


Up to 9m2/liter


GRP/plastic, steel, aluminum. Existing antifouling and one-component paints must be removed completely. Roughen the surface (grain 80-120) and wash thoroughly before application. T- Coat can be painted onto existing epoxy base in good condition, after rough sanding (grain 80-120). To achieve an extra smooth “racing surface”, T- Coat can be wet sanded into the desired final finish. For best adhesion and seal on a sandblasted, on rough porous surfaces and on untreated iron, start with one thinned layer of Lefant Epoxi Primer (diluted with Multi Thinner 20-30%)

Surface temperature during application (Important):

Minimum + 7°C, at higher temperatures the product becomes more fluid, and more viscous at lower temperatures. Recommended substrate temperature 15C°- 25C° To improve conditions for application at lower temperatures, use for instance a heater that can be placed near the surface and then place the paint can in a bath of heated water.

Number of coats:

2-3 (about 100my/layer)

Recommended protective equipment:

Gloves, protective mask, coveralls.


Product specifications

Volume: 750 ml
Color: Black Natural white Dark blue Red Orange Dark Green (mix with white for a lighter shade
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