Paint Calculator

Package sizes and coverage:

LEFANT – Nautica 0,75l = 13,5 sq.m. 2,5l = 45 sq.m.

LEFANT – Epoxy Primer 0,75l = 8 sq.m. 3l = 32 sq.m.

Size of the hull area is calculated using this formula:

Motor: LWL x (W + D) = sq.m.

Long keel boat: 0,75 x LWL x (W + D)= sq.m.

Fin keel boat: 0,5 x LWL x (W + D)= sq.m.

Select the boat’s hull type, enter the length of waterline, the boat’s width and depth. Then click the calculate button to show how many sq.m. of hull surface you need to paint.


Choose your type of boat

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  • Long keel boat
  • Fin keel boat
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Depth in meters

Answer: m2