Textile & Vinyl Cleaner



Highly effective cleaning for textiles, spray hoods, seats, awnings, fabric, vinyl, and similar materials.

Removes soil, dirt, bird droppings, grease etc. without damaging the soft plastics, cover windows, aluminum, etc. Recommended to be used for thorough cleaning before waterproofing of textiles.


Rinse the surface with water. Spray with plenty of Textile & Vinyl Cleaner over the surface and leave for a few seconds. Wash with a sponge, cloth or brush. For heavily soiled surfaces, let sit for 1-2 minutes before wiping. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

Treat textiles afterwards with the waterproofing agent ImPreg for protection against water, UV light and re-soiling.

We recommend using protective gloves.

Product specifications

Volume: 0,5 L
Art.nr: 3354
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