Paint Remover



Apply liberally with a brush on dry surfaces. Let remain on for 1-2 hours, then remove the paint with a scraper. Paint Remover should not dry. If so, apply a new layer. Lower temperatures and higher humidity allows it to remain on longer without drying, thereby allowing it to dissolve multiple layers of paint. Hard paints in many layers can be removed by allowing it to remain on overnight since evaporation is minimal. Paint Remover dissolves all types of traditional antifouling paints.


Paint Remover is active from -2°C and above. How to use it:

1. Cover the ground under the boat to collect paint residue.

2. Stir well.

3. Apply Paint Remover generously with a brush.

4. Let the product work.

5. Remove the paint with a scraper without sharp corners.

6. Rinse well with fresh water, wash with Boat Cleaner and warm fresh water, lastly rinse with fresh water.

We recommend using protective gloves, protective clothing and goggles.

Product specifications

Volume: 2,5 L 750 ml
Color: Teal
Duration of action: Normally 1-2 hours, exposure for longer periods of time dissolves more layers.
Range: 1 L = 4 sq.m.
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