Non-Slip Wax



To minimize the risk of slipping on wet boat decks. Dirt-repellent and UV-protective.


Clean the surface with Boat Cleaner, rinse thoroughly with water. Dull, scratched and oxidized surfaces are first treated with Rubbing and/or NanoPolish.

Shake the bottle, apply Non Slip Wax with a lightly moist cloth on about 0,5 sq.m, polish with light pressure until the product begins to dry up. When the product is hardened, polish surface with a dry cloth/polishing cloth. Curing takes about 5-15 minutes. Continue this procedure until the area is fully treated.

TIP! It can be difficult to polish a non-slip pattern, in this case use a sponge to apply Non Slip Wax and a soft shoe brush to buff the shine. We recommend using protective gloves.

Product specifications

Volume: 0,5 L
Range: 2-3 treatments on a 35-foot boat 3044
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