Racing Wax



Used to reduce friction and turbulence on the wet surfaces of the boat, under the stern, bow etc. Because Racing Wax is extremely hard and dense in it’s composition, the boat’s friction in the water is reduced, and the boat gets a better release.

Thanks to its properties of extremely strong and durable, Racing Wax is also recommended to be used on surfaces exposed to UV-light such as transoms, under the stern and other surfaces exposed to direct sunlight.


Wash the surface with Boat Cleaner and rinse with fresh water – then polish with Nanopolish – if the surface is dull, scratched or oxidized, start with Rubbing  – then apply Racing Wax with a damp cloth – Allow to dry at least one hour – polish with polishing cloth or polisher (max 2100 rpm.) We recommend using protective gloves.

Product specifications

Volume: 0,5 L 3382
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