Biocide free antifouling paint for use on powerboats and sailboats of all materials, including aluminum. With a home port in areas with mild to moderate fouling. For speeds up to 50 knots. Sand existing antifouling paints, any loose paint should be removed. Wash the hull with  Boat Cleaner and then rinse thoroughly fresh water. Lefant TF Provides a smooth, fine surface with minimal friction.


New boats and untreated surfaces should be sanded with paper grit 120-180. Wash with Boat Cleaner and rinse with fresh water. Allow to dry, then prime with our Epoxi Primer. Use a roller (felt) with a small diameter (about 10 x 2 cm) or electric spray nozzle for application. When spraying, thinning is recommended Add about 20% Multi Thinner. We recommend using protective gloves and a mask when sanding antifouling.

Painting should be done in dry weather with a temperature above + 5 ° C.


At least 3h
At least 1h
At least 6h
At least 2h


Product specifications

Volume: 2,5 L 750 ml
Color: White Blue Turning black
Range: 750 ml = 10 sq.m, 3 L = 40 sq.m.
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