Teak Oil


To protect teak and other hardwood from dirt and water and give them a golden brown weather-proof surface with high luster and easy-to-clean finish. For indoor and outdoor use.


If necessary, clean the surface with Teak Cleaner – sand with 120 paper – apply generously with a sponge, brush or cloth – remove oil from the grouts/joints and leave the product to absorb for about 30-40 minutes – then wipe and polish lightly with a cloth. NOTE! Polishing should be done in direction across the fiber, take great care wiping the oil off the grouts/joints. Used cloths must be disposed of in a safe manner, as they can ignite. Check any “sweating” of the joints after a few hours. We recommend using protective gloves.

Product specifications

Volume: 0,5 L
Range: 7.5 sq.m.
Art.nr: 3024
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